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Why should I choose an Equinox Housings Underwater Camera Housing?

The Equinox line of video housings provide the best value in the marketplace for custom underwater video housings. Quality optics, dependability and affordability-this translates to "the best value in underwater video".


Why is the Equinox underwater housing line the best value in the marketplace for underwater cameras housings?

  • Each housing is built to a specific camera, this allows us to use a wide angle lens in combination with an optical domeport. Shooting in this method is the industry standard for obtaining the best quality footage.
  • 3-Year Warranty - Equinox is so confident in our line that each new housing is warranted for 3 years (Normal industry standard is only one year), valid worldwide.
  • Value-Added Extras- With every housing package, you receive a minimum of 3-5 controls, a wide-angle lens*, DomePort, a salt-water color correction filter, a spare parts kit, and a domeport protector. (HD8/PRO8 and HD10 housings average 8-10 controls included)
  • Versatility - Because Equinox Housings can build a housing for any camera, as your videography/photography skills expand, so, too, can your housing. Additional controls or special attachments can be added years after the initial purchase.
  • RETRO-FIT - Equinox Housings now offers a RETRO-Fit program for all HD6/PRO6 housings, purchase a housing now for your camera, when your ready to upgrade cameras send back to Equinox Housings. your old housing (and possibly new camera) Equinox Housings will RETRO-FIT your old housing to your new camera. Price is dictated by condition of the housing, labor hours and location of domeport. New Wide angle lens and Color filter are      not included in RETRO-Fit. Average cost of a RETRO-FIT is $450.00/USD to $550.00/USD.

*Wide-angle lens is not included with cameras that have a thread size larger than 62mm,or if your camera requires special lenses the Equinox HD10 housing.

How is an Equinox housing a custom manufacturer?

Equinox Housings not only builds the Equinox underwater housing line, Equinox Housings also builds custom housings for Production Companies, Oil Refineries, Nuclear Power Plants, and just about anyone else that has need to get a camera underwater.


What controls do I get with my housing?

A standard Equinox HD6/PRO6 housing includes 3-5 controls: Power on/off; Zoom wide/telephoto; Record start/stop, Photo Still and when the camera has the option of Card/Tape that control is included as well. Upon customer request, controls of choice can be added


What if I want more than the standard 3 controls?

You can have almost any control desired for an additional cost.


What is the much talked about BRS (Ballast Release System)?

Equinox Housings has designed the BRS, a ballast release system that allows easy breakdown of your unit for an easier time packing and the BRS is also a unique safety feature. If trouble occurs on a dive simply pull one of the quick release pins located on one of the BRSs (black wings located on each side), the BRS releases and falls away causing the housing to now become positively buoyant and shoot to the surface. Deal with your problem and collect your housing and camera topside.


Why doesn't the Equinox Housing line use electronic controls?

We think both methods are acceptable, we are under the assumption anytime you expose electronics to a saltwater environment there is a opportunity for failure. The last thing Equinox Housings wants to happen is for one of our valued customers to be on an exotic location and their equipment fails. Mechanical is simply more reliable. With the Equinox housing line, you will never have to worry about malfunctioning controls. The controls will work every time you touch them--no matter what the conditions are.


How is my camera secured in the housing?

The camera is mounted to a stainless steel tray by a tripod mount screw. The camera and tray are then slid into optical alignment inside the housing and secured with two thumbscrews.


Why is it sometimes necessary to ship my camera to Equinox Housings for construction of my housing?

Although Equinox Housings manufactures and stocks many line of housings for the more popular brands of cameras, it is impossible to maintain stock for the thousands of camera models that have been manufactured over the years. Other manufacturers limit your choice as to what they decide is the best-selling camera model. Equinox can provide a housing for any diver whether your camera is old or new.


What is the turn-around time for a custom Equinox housing?

Construction of your housing begins the minute we receive your order, we prep the body and gather items need to give you the quickest turn around time possible once the camera arrives at our facility. Standard turn-around time at our facility is usually 5 days to manufacture the housing (not including transit time).


How do I know which housing is best for my camera?

Ninety-five percent (95%) of all cameras fit into the HD6/PRO6. If your camera is a camcorder/palmcorder style of camera it would require the Equinox HD6/PRO6 housing. If you have a slightly larger camera, roughly the size of Sony FX7 or the Canon XF100 your camera will require the HD8/PRO8. Professional cameras usually require the Equinox HD10 housing.


What is the depth rating for an Equinox Housing?

The HD5 is rated at 330ft.

The HD6/PRO6 and HD8/PRO8 series are rated at 250ft.

The HD10 and HDPRO Housings are rated at 200ft.